• EYE EC by Alexander Lervik

    Puf tapizado, diseño de Alexander Lervik (2012)

    Ref. 23
    • 79 x 60cm x 65cm.
    240,79 €
  • Descripción

    The seat pouf is a good complement to an armchair or sofa, but what is often missing is the comfortprovided by a back rest. This inspired designer Alexander Lervik to create the new Eye series forJohanson Design. The Eye series is ideal in many types of settings, since it is possible to choose fabrics, colours and patterns to suit the particular setting. For example, solid-coloured fabric and leather can be used for strict office settings, while brighter, cheerier alternatives may be more appropriate for less formal surroundings. Combining a solid-coloured fabric with a patterned fabric in the same chair might be just what is needed to createa unique office interior.The Eye series includes chairs, tables and armchairs, perfectly suited for public areas such as coffeebreak corners in offices, lounge areas and cafés, but also for private milieus where space is limited and seating comfort is a priority. 

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