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    • Manufacturer Qui est Paul?
    • Manufacturer Qui est Paul? Designer Alain Gilles
    • Launched in 2009
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    Pot modulaire - Small 
    These modular planters are in essence a reference to what gardens have of unique. They remind us of the logic found in rock gardens, but also of these once flourishing natural stone path made out of roughly-cut stones. 
    By playing with juxtapositions these planters allow for an infinite number of settings. Hens, in a way, everyone can take part in the design process and create his own design. Each setting being unique and personal. Everything is possible, by either playing with a limited number of pieces, or with a large one. 

    Pot Modulaire – Medium 
    This large version of the potted rock garden allows the gardener to use larger plants and be more creative and experimental in their planting. The pot has cleaner lines, is hexagonal and compact. The pot can be used to form levels between the different pots, a rhythmic transition using water to draw the eye. It can also stand alone or be used in juxtaposition with other pots. 

    Pot Modulaire - Tall 
    This version of the Rockery pot gives the possibility of creating waterfalls of plants using different sizes of pots. Traditional rockeries can be recreated, no along with traditional Japanese gardens. These tall rockeries can become the culminative point in an island of plant pot, or used independently or partway or to highlight an entrance. They can be used indoors or outdoors. 

    Pot Lumineux - Translucide 
    Light brings these installations to life, creating a focal point to your plant pots, the hexagonal design allows you to form a “carpet” of pots. These pots can be used to define boundaries, exits and entrances… 
    This planter is available in two differents version 
    Interior (1x60 with a switch on the coar 
    Exterior (1x60 without switch) 

    Rock pouf & table 
    The Rock Garden planters have been revisited in a spirit of conviviality. 
    With its cushioning (black, taupe or grey) the Rock Garden planter Small become a confortable seat which fits harmoniously with your indoor features. With the ROCK PARTY table, it create an original set to improvise a reception. 
    The Rock Garden planter Medium become which fits harmoniously with your indoor features. The MDF plates (grey, black or white) settles on the planter. With the ROCK PARTY seats, it create an original set to improvise a reception. 

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